9 Hole Golf

Chairman - Tom Birley - (408) 736-8869
Email: tndbirley1@yahoo.com
Co-Chairman - Dave Riopel - (408) 255-1825


Sunken Gardens Golf Course in Sunnyvale


Each Wednesday with tee times from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM


Each player contributes to a pot which is used to reward the best low rounds, birdies, Closest to the pin, and Chip-in's.


August 30th 13 Players

C.T.P. John McGuire 16'5”
1st Low Net: Bill Crosby, Vern Miller 26
2nd Low Net: Henry Crossfield, John McGuire 28
3rd Low Net: Don Stuedeman, Dave Riopel, Mike Hastings
Jim Anderson 31
Birds & Chip-ins: Don Stuedeman (B)

September 6th 13 Players

1st Low Net: Bill Crosby 27
2nd Low Net: Jim Anderson 29
3rd Low Net: Mike Hastings, John McGuire 30
Birds & Chip-ins: Jim Anderson (B)

September 13th 12 Players

C.T.P. Tom Birley 18'3”
1st Low Net: Jim Anderson, Tom Birley 28
2nd Low Net: Dave Riopel 29
3rd Low Net: Don Stuedeman 30
Birds & Chip-ins: NONE

September 20th 14 Players

C.T.P. Jack Pettygrove 8'4”
1st Low Net: Dave Riopel 26
2nd Low Net: Vern Miller 28
3rd Low Net: Roger Falberg, Don Stuedeman 29
Birds & Chip-ins: Vern Miller (C)