Bocce Ball

Chairman - Jeff Bautista - 408+723-2983


Bocce play is open play held second Friday of month at 1:00 PM
Open playing is anticipated in November, December, and January in consideration of Sirs travel during the holiday months


Lake Almaden Bocce Courts in south San Jose (the courts are off of Coleman Road just one block south of Blossom Hill Road (see map below).
The courts we usually play on are the CENTER courts and, if they are taken by other groups, we will divert our play to the courts at the end.
Parking is available on Coleman Road just outside the bocce courts.


We play with our District's other bocce players whenever the chapters' schedules permit attending. February’s game had five players in great weather.

On November 17th, five members played.

Next Bocce Event is scheduled for 1pm on December 8th at Lake Almaden Park in San Jose, CA.

You could be part of this group by contacting Russ Kohlrust. Bocce is an easy sport to learn and fun to play. Call me and I will be glad to explain the benefits of Bocce to your health in addition to the game’s enjoyment. Bocce is similar to shuffleboard but uses small balls close in size and weight to croquet balls instead of pucks. The sport requires no cost to play. Our chapter provides all equipment needed. New players to the sport are welcomed.

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Almaden Park Map