Chairman - Mel Waldman - (408) 532-1814
Email: melwaldman@att.net

Where and When

The games begin immediately after the SIR Branch 62 luncheon meeting if there are a minimum of five players who are interested.
The participants commandeer a table after the meeting and clear it of all luncheon dishes.
The game lasts about two hours or when fewer than five players are present.


Chip buy-in is $5.00 at the beginning of the game.
Bets are between $.05 to $.25 with a maximum of three raises on any one betting sequence.
Games played are dealer's choice with the exception of no wild card games and no high-low split pots.
Poker chips are cashed-in for only full dollars.
The last hand played consists of all players placing their remaining chips less than a dollar in piles of $.25 or less in front of them and then receiving one card for each pile. The participant receiving the highest card, with suits counting, collects the loose change.

Not all hands win!1 Nothing but fun2 You still in?3
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